Professionalism? "Excellent"

Workmanship? "Excellent"

Timeliness? "Very concerned about exact time. We had a phone call to tell us of a delay in stairs. They made a special trip to finish a minor detail on Memorial Day."

Dustless? "There was very little dust. We were very satisfied about the small amount of cleaning that needed to be done after the work was done."

Odor Control? "We feel the odor control was the best that could be done. We were away for sleeping three nights but were able to return the nights after he finished."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "We had seen the work done by Mr. Sandman. Our son had this company do his floors and was very satisfied. He was impressed with the quality of the work and the concern for all details."

Comments or Suggestions: "We highly recommend your company and have already told several people about the quality of everything you do. It would seem to me that it would be hard to improve in what you do."

Professionalism? "Everything was incredibly well run and organized. If you guys were any more professional you would be wearing a tux."

Workmanship? "We are so very happy and impressed with the job. You have given our house new life."

Timeliness? "You said you would start on a certain day and that's exactly when you started. Also, you finished in the time frame you said you would - Great!"

Dustless? "Could not believe the lack of dust. Incredible."

Odor Control? "Odor was a little tough to take, but did not last long."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Liked your ad best."

Professionalism? "Excellent."

Workmanship? "Excellent."

Timeliness? "Excellent."

Dustless? "Excellent. Could not believe how dust free the job was!!!"

Odor Control? "The smell was strong."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Reputation in the area."

Comments or Suggestions: "An outstanding job. Thank you. "

Professionalism? "Courteous, but should have told me when leaving. Presented card upon arrival."

Workmanship? "Great job. One area where varnish material wasn't spread out."

Timeliness? "Work was done quickly - 3 days."

Dustless? "I was surprised how little dust there was."

Odor Control? "Fumes disappeared quickly."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Recommended by a friend."

Comments or Suggestions: "Tech: Ron Jones"

Professionalism? "Met expectations."

Workmanship? "Met expectations."

Timeliness? "Met expectations."

Dustless? "Exceeded expectations."

Odor Control? "Exceeded expectations."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Referral and cost."

Comments or Suggestions: "Good to work with. Love the floors."

Professionalism? "On a scale of 1-10, you are an 11."

Workmanship? "On a scale of 1-10, you are an 11."

Timeliness? "On a scale of 1-10, you are an 11."

Dustless? "On a scale of 1-10, you are an 11."

Odor Control? "On a scale of 1-10, you are an 11."

Comments or Suggestions: "Thank you."

Professionalism? "Very impressive."

Workmanship? "The best."

Timeliness? "Good."

Dustless? "We were very pleased with the absence of dust."

Odor Control? "Good."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "On a recommendation from our realtor."

Professionalism? "Tops!!"

Workmanship? "Tops!!"

Timeliness? "Tops!!"

Dustless? "Tops!!"

Odor Control? "Tops!!"

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Other people told us how pleased they were with your work."

Comments or Suggestions: "Please use us for future recommendations."

Professionalism? "Very good."

Workmanship? "Very good. High quality (minus the knuckle stains on the wall)."

Timeliness? "Excellent"

Dustless? "As dustless as possible - still needed to clean/wipe off all the flat surfaces in the room - but - we really expected that anyway."

Odor Control? "Very good."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Quality, knowledge, experience."

Comments or Suggestions: "We're very pleased with our floor repair. Thank you."

Professionalism? "Very good."

Timeliness? "Got the job done when they said they would."

Dustless? "Minimal."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Referred to us by a local flooring business."

Professionalism? "I cannot say enough about Mr. Sandman. Professionalism from the initial contract to end of job, both gentlemen were great and handled themselves in a very professional manner."

Workmanship? "Absolutely beautiful!"

Timeliness? "Very good."

Dustless and odor control? "I was amazed at how tidy Mr. Sandman was. Dust was very minimal and the odor the same. Mr. Sandman goes above and beyond. To make what could be a very unpleasant home improvement very pleasant."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "I saw some signs locally and I was impressed by the number of years in business. I took a chance and it worked for me."

Comments or Suggestions: "I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Sandman to friends, family, and neighbors. Thank you for my beautiful floor."

Professionalism? "Yes"

Workmanship? "Yes"

Timeliness? "Yes"

Dustless? "Yes"

Odor Control? "Smelly - but what can you expect?"

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Signs and truck in neighborhood."

Comments or Suggestions: "Very positive experience. Thank you. They look great! "

Professionalism? "They were very professional in explaining all detail about the job and what to expect."

Workmanship? "They pay attention to detail; the most important thing that call my attention."

Dustless? "Very carefully on handling the machine; making sure that all dust stay outside and clean after."

Odor Control? "Successfully control the odor to the minimum."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "First to response and provided a fair price."

Comments or Suggestions: "Maintain the communication open with the customer. That could avoid further complication and misunderstanding."

Professionalism? "Answered all our questions fairly."

Workmanship? "Very skilled and did a great job!"

Timeliness? "Very timely...maybe a "notice" call before coming to ensure schedules are accurate for both parties, before doing treatment."

Dustless? "Fairly, a little extra clean-up, but nothing i didn't expect."

Odor Control? "Good."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Heard good things about floor treatment from others, good recommendations."

Professionalism? "Very good. Extremely courteous."

Workmanship? "Almost perfect."

Timeliness? "Good."

Dustless? "Very good."

Odor Control? "As good as possible."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Recommendation from a friend."

Professionalism? "Very good."

Workmanship? "Very good."

Timeliness? "Prompt."

Dustless? "Yes."

Odor Control? "Good."

Comments or Suggestions: "Thanks for coming back to re-stain the molding and to correct the dust that was in the finish. The floor looks great."

Professionalism? "You were wonderful to work with."

Workmanship? "Great!"

Timeliness? "The only complaint I have is communication. It was hard o get a return call to actually talk together."

Dustless? "Good."

Odor Control? "Wonderful. No smell whatsoever."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Years before, I thought the floors needed to be done. So i called numerous people and Mr. Sandman told me my floors were not bad and he was right. They lasted another 6-8 years. Most people don't turn away work. He was very truthful about the condition of the floors. Thanks so much!"

Professionalism? "Courteous and good business. Mannerism."

Workmanship? "Very good."

Timeliness? "Showed up on starting day as stated, wasn't consistent on start up time each day."

Dustless? "The work area was very clean at the completion of job."

Odor Control? "Vented very well."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Son recommended Mr. Sandman to me."

Comments or Suggestions: "I am very happy with the end results of my floors! Looks great!!!"

Professionalism? "Promptness to call for help."

Workmanship? "Very good considering the workers had to contend with poor workmanship (as well as violent behavior) from Montes' Hardwood Floors that we let go without finishing job. Violent behavior was to two elderly customers that were afraid, not to Sandman Workmen."

Timeliness? "Very prompt to install hardwood floors and refinishing them."

Dustless? "Very good."

Odor Control? "Very good - kept bringing venting fans."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Recommended by Matt Page Construction. He suggested three companies. One for floors, one for cabinet refinishing, and one for counter tops. We used all three and, if other two do as well as sandman we will be pleased."

Comments or Suggestions: "Word of mouth is best advertisement. One neighbor came to get help at his home for small job. Saw sign and truck. Suggest signs be left at all finished jobs. They came back to touch-up where flooring had flaws left by Montes'. Thank you"

Professionalism? "Excellent."

Workmanship? "Very good."

Timeliness? "Excellent."

Dustless? "Very good."

Odor Control? "Very good."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "I had heard good reports and the company was prompt in returning calls and making appointments."

Comments or Suggestions: "Thank you for a job well done."

Professionalism? "Excellent."

Workmanship? "Well - pleased."

Timeliness? "Good."

Dustless? "Yes."

Odor Control? "Odor was very little."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Recommended by my mother-in-law."

Comments or Suggestions: "I will recommend your services to all my friends and relatives. Thank you for a beautiful job and for the floor care mop."

Workmanship? "The floors are lovely."

Timeliness? "You came when you said you would and finished on time."

Dustless? "I checked, I couldn't find wood dust anywhere."

Odor Control? "As good as could be expected in fridgid weather."

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Recommendation."

Professionalism? "I think we had a few misunderstandings, but all worked out well."

Workmanship? "A wonderful job - we are very pleased with the floors!!"

Timeliness? "On time - finished as promised."

Dustless? "Very little cleaning to be done. Thank you!"

Odor Control? "Was manageable as our kids were away very minimal!!"

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? "Recommended to us by Commonwealth Corp."

Comments or Suggestions: "Thanks again - also thank you for the lovely vinegars!!"

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